40: Happy Birthday, Lavish Podcast! Plus a Giveaway

Show notes:

They say time flies when you are having fun and we can't help but agree! This past year has most definitely flown by, but we have so loved creating this space to share with you and we hope you have found some inspiration on simple ways you can create a more Lavish life. There is plenty more where these past 40 episodes have come from - we are just getting started! 

Today, we look back on the past year's episodes and share our top 5 tips to creating a home and a life you love. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or you are new around here - consider this list your CliffsNotes or starter's guide to living a Lavish life.

  1. Episode 2 - Color is Not a Four-Letter Word
    • Top take-away: The number one mistake people make is choosing their wall color first. Choose your wall color last to compliment your furnishings and accessories or the wall-color will boss around both you and all of the other elements of the room. Let it be a compliment and not a competitor. 
  2. Episode 6 - Yours, Mine and Ours - Combining Your Stuff Without Breaking Up
    • Top take-away: Combining households isn't about keeping tabs on who gets to keep the most stuff - it's about the home you create together. It also provides you with a great opportunity to really take stock of items you truly love. Keep the items you truly love and know there is a way to blend them together - we promise.
  3. Episode 10 - Get Organized!
    • Top take-away: Creating a clutter-free home doesn't have to be sterile or style-less. What getting organized does do is help you to let go of items that you no longer love or find useful, leaving you with a peaceful home as well as peace of mind. 
  4. Episode 20 - Finding Your Vision
    • Top take-away: Beginning a design project on your own can seem daunting, but it shouldn't be! Taking the time to find your vision is the first step in creating a home or project that you love. If you are unsure where to even start with finding and creating your vision, create a Pinterest board or Houzz ideabook where you can save any and everything that catches your eye. Don't overthink this step, just take the time to learn what you love! As you review your boards you will find patterns or items and elements that standout to you. There you go, step number one to finding your vision is complete! 
  5. Episode 26 - Bullshit Design Rules
    • Top take-away: Design rules are meant to be broken, yet some of these rules have persisted for decades. We are cheating a bit here, but there are way too many good tips in this episode to give you just one. Click through the link and listen again or re-read the show notes whenever you need a refresher and a little boost to help you break those bullshit design rules. 

And finally, that tiny tidbit we mentioned in this week's title...we are doing a GIVEAWAY! In celebration of Lavish's first birthday, and in appreciation of all of our amazing listeners, we want to give a gift back to you! We are giving away a completely free 20 minute ask us anything Skype call. The winner can use this call to pick our brains on anything that is stumping them in their home. Need suggestions on how to arrange furniture? You got it! Want a creative idea for a holiday table centerpiece? No problem! Whatever you've got, we are ready to help. All you have to do to enter is simply click in they gray "subscribe" box on the right of this website and sign up for our newsletter. All subscribers who sign up between now and November 23 will be entered to win. The winner will be drawn randomly and announced on social media and notified by email. 

Thank you all again for joining us on this journey - we can't wait to see where we can all go from here. :)

Fall Hiatus

Hello Lavish Listeners! Have you felt like The Lavish Podcast has turned into a ghost town? Never fear, we are simply on a fall hiatus! Our schedules have become quite busy with client work in the past month – a wonderful “problem” to have, indeed. Not to worry, we will be back in October with brand new episodes, as well as updates on some of the projects that have kept us so busy, including our very first Lavish project! We are also working on some back-end details on the podcast to ensure we can continue to churn out new episodes even when our client schedules get hectic. Long story short, we miss you all and there is exciting stuff happening all around – we can’t wait to tell you all about it! See you in October, and until then check out some of the past episodes – we’ve got 38 goodies to choose from. :)

- Karissa and Kara 

38: Lavish Interview with Dawn Falcone, The Chaos Liberator

Show notes:

It was such a pleasure to have the chance to interview Dawn Falcone this week! Dawn is on a mission to empower other busy women to kick their life-clogging, energy-sapping clutter to the curb once and for all. Dawn was inspired to become The Chaos Liberator after her own bouts with chaos and clutter following the birth of her son. After stuffing her calendar and home in an effort to be the perfect urban mom, the chaos finally caught up with Dawn in the form of adrenal fatigue and a thyroid condition, quite literally forcing her to slow down, simplify and set boundaries. Now, Dawn helps other women dive deeper, and clear away all the forms of clutter that slows them down. 

Dawn's story and success have certainly struck a chord - she has been featured in Real Simple, HGTV.com and The Chicago Tribune sharing her tips on cutting chaos and clearing clutter. Dawn's message resonates so closely with the philosophies of The Lavish Podcast, that we couldn't wait to chat with her! Just as we do, Dawn encourages her client's to surround themselves with things they love or find useful, cut the guilt on letting things go, and to strive for authenticity, not a picture-perfect editorial magazine spread, for their home.

Some of Dawn's tips to help you get started:

  • Don't start with the big picture, or you'll become overwhelmed. If you want to start in your kitchen, set a timer and focus on one part of the space - your refrigerator, for example.
  • Gather all of the supplies you need beforehand so you don't become distracted by anything else when you run to grab them later. 
  • Turn off all of your distractions - no phone, no social media.
  • Schedule it on your calendar and then commit to it - setting a time in your schedule (and also a time limit) will make committing to it more feasible. 
  • Collect inspiration from Pinterest, a vision board, or even your friends and family, BUT don't compare your real home to an editorial from a magazine. Remember, even the house doesn't look that perfect day to day!
  • Remember that organization is a skill anyone can learn! 

If you'd like to work with Dawn you can visit her website to set up a Skype Coaching Session, or stay tuned for more info on her course, Time Magic coming in September! You can also head over to Facebook, and join the Chaos Liberators Facebook Group. So many wonderful ways to connect and clear that chaos! 



37: Authenticity, Not Perfection

Show notes:

Today, we take a little break from design to delve into practicing authenticity. We say practice, because that's exactly what it is - it takes time, effort and self-love to move past worrying about perfection and to become who you really are. Once you've mastered this, you will certainly see how this does in fact affect your home as well. 

Do you design your home with others in mind? Maybe you feel it should be as formal as your mother-in-law's home, but you are more of a casual girl? Are you stuck in analysis paralysis on furniture and paint colors which is leading you down a never-ending Pinterest/Google rabbit hole? Authenticity is the key. 

Tips for awakening your authenticity:

  • Get to know who you really are. It may sound crazy, but many people don't really know what they like, what is important to them and what their talents are because they are often too worried about everyone else. Find out who you are and what your talents are - that will light your way. The best way to discover this is to give yourself the quiet space needed to think. You could journal, meditate, go for a hike, paint - whatever thing gives your mind a chance to take a breather. 
  • Now that you know what is important to you, it's time to set some boundaries around those things. Maybe you are adamant about not scheduling appointments after 5 p.m. so your family can always eat dinner together. Maybe you decide not to have a cocktail just because you're at cocktail hour because you don't like the lack of energy it brings you. Whatever it is, start small. Once you have conquered one boundary, you will find it easier and easier to say no.
  • Stop seeking the approval of others. This goes hand-in-hand with boundary-setting. Are you going out after work because you want to, or because you don't want to explain to your co-workers why you want to go home? Or, like the example above, are you designing your home for your MIL's approval, or because it's what suits your own little family? Oftentimes we overestimate how much others actually care or are paying attention, and this is a good thing! 
  • Finally, be willing to make mistakes. Remember that learning is a process and no one got to where they are without learning along the way. Don't let your fear of imperfection stop you before you even start. To quote Seth Godin, "If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try."

Extra good stuff:

"Give up being being perfect for being authentic.” Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning

Brene Brown's thoughts on empathy, boundaries and compassion